Accountancy, agriculture, hi-tech, manufacturing, utilities, veterinary business development.

Community relations

Conservation and the environment, planning and development, utilities. Including events, local participation, direct communications, joint working.

Consumer relations

Animal health, conservation, education and arts, environment, health promotion, pet care, retail, transport.

Internal and distributor relations

Hi-tech, utilities, telecoms, manufacturing, food processing. Including publications, events, research, presentations.

Issues and awareness programmes

Human health, pet health, environment/conservation, transport, financial services. Tracking and responding to issues. Crises include product recall/failure, emergencies (accident, fire, pollution), redundancy, financial, take-overs, consumer.

Media relations

Trade and technical, national, broadcast, web sites, consumer titles, in-house. Press conferences, news dissemination, feature writing/placement, one-to-ones, receptions, in-house training.

Public affairs and government relations

Communications with government, industry, legislative bodies, trusts and NGOs.


Product literature (consumer, trade and technical), in-house magazines, corporate, policy documents, advisory leaflets/booklets, distributor newsletters, web site content and copy.

Strategic planning

Agriculture, charities, conservation, environment, pet health, hi-tech, manufacturing, veterinary.